Surprise surprise surprise

January 30, 2011

I am just doing a wee post here to see if I want to get back into blogging. I sort of miss the contact with others – facebook is okay but it’s not the same. But we will see – I will think on it for a few days and decide. Don’t think anyone even follows this anymore as it’s been over a year. Will i or won’t I???

I am thinking…

March 4, 2009

…that I really have gone off this blog but not off this as a means to stay in touch with friends so not sure what to do. Maybe I could start a brand new blog and it might get me all inspired again to post – or more likely I will just end up with 2 blogs that I don’t post in lol. Any ideas on how to keep this blog going but not feeling pressured to have to blog – maybe I could do an update once a fortnight or something – or maybe do just a photo post every now and then. I just dunno lol. Sorry I haven’t been around much commenting – I do read blogs but it is usually a quick perusal over brekkie. Thank you for emails asking how I am – of which I know there were a couple I didn’t answer – oops soory – they got buried in emails and then deleted – no excuse tho – sorry maties. Anyway all is well with me and mine.
Okay see that’s about as much as I feel like blogging – I’m over it already lol and if I am just coming in ever now and again to apologize for not blogging then it sort of defeats the whole purpose. Oh well i’ll think on it over the next few days and see how I feel.
Anyway hope you re all well and I do think of you all quite often – honest I do.
Take care and catch ya round somewhere sometime.
Crap boring post this is lol


January 24, 2009

Just doing a sneak in here – sshh don’t tell anyone – I’ve been here all the time honest. Well I guess this is my first post for 2009. And yep like I said before this is going to be my year. I have been out living life – and it’s been great.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi to all my bloggy friends though and let you all know that all is well in this part of NZ and I have been thinking about you – not ignoring anyone – just having a break.

I will be back soon with maybe some news – maybe not – maybe some photos – maybe not lol.

Enjoy summer everyone, enjoy the last of the school holidays and catch you all up soon.

Oh and Jenny and Amanda thanks for the blog awards – I will get to that soon too :-)


December 31, 2008

I am just popping in to say well I guess it’s the start of a new year. 2009 is going to be my year. (Even though the stoopid years horoscope I read said 2010 will be my year lol)
But no I am making 2009 my year so that’s the plan – so feel free to kick me up the butt and keep me on track. I’ll be back later with a proper post – (maybe lol)
Till later have a fab new year.

Right now….

December 10, 2008

Okay I’m not doing a whoo whoo Wednesday post cos my car is still in the garage and is no closer to being fixed and is racking up dollars with every phone call from the mechanic so I am not in a happy mood.

So today I am doing a right now list so here goes

Right now…..

..I am wearing my comfy old pyjama pants

.. I have a list a mile long that I need to get completed before Christmas

.. I have had pizza for tea and it was yummy

..I am drinking apple and blackcurrant juice

..the tv is on channel 2 in the background but I’m not watching it

..Jaymin is in his room with a friend playing playstation

..My Christmas cards were posted off today

..I should be scrapping as I have an album to finish for a Chrissie present

..I am so NOT in a Christmas mood – which is really unlike me

..there is a cat trying to sneak in the side door table is covered in scraps of material is a nice balmy evening

..I have no idea what a balmy evening really is

..I have finally blogged again

..I am going now

Right oh – here we go again.

December 4, 2008

Yeah I know I am such a slack blogger. But I have been off line the last few days cos of my computer dying. But I now have a nice new shiny black one and am now back online yay. That was such a drama but got there in the end. I tried connecting my broadband up myself and it wouldn’t work so rang the xtra help desk and got an Indian man who was very hard to understand which was not good to start with when I am trying to get a comp working. So after struggling with him for an hour he told me that my installation disc was too old and he would send me a new one and it would be here in a couple of days. So disc turned up today and I pop it in the drive and proceed to install broadband. Well after fluffing round for ages it wouldn’t work still – so back onto xtra and wouldn’t you know it I got the same hard to understand Indian man – argh. So going thru all the steps with him once again and him telling me that I had to use the blue cord (which I never needed to use on the old comp) and me telling him that it wouldn’t fit – cos believe me I had tried to plug it in – well we argued for at least an hour about this damn blue plug needing to fit in the hard drive. In the end he rold me that I should just get someone else to look at it or else I would need to buy a new cable which would be the same as the one I already had – doh! So anyway I get off the phone and said to Mum who was here listening the whole time – “see this blue plug? you try it in this hole and tell me it doesn’t fit – only to find that oh dear – oops – it did fit – rofl. Oh yeah baby blonde day for sure. But afterall that I am online and back in touch with the world.

Now if I should have your email addy please let me know cos I haven’t been able to transfer them over – thanks for that.

And now that my computer is so lovely and new I can go visiting blogs and stuff cos I can see everything in lovely colour instead of the horrible green I had – ugh.

All is well otherwise – no more hospital visits for me – good news.

My car decided to crap out on me today which was not good – especially so close to Christmas and just after having shelled out for the comp. But oh well – gotta have a car. So it is in the garage overnight getting a radiator flush and other bits and a service. Got to use the AA though which is what I pay for so glad that I belong to them and can get them to come tell me what to do cos I know nothing bout cars lol.

Anyway folks that is me again and hoping to be in touch with your blogs over the next few days.

Take care


Sneaking in

November 20, 2008

yep sshhh I’m sneaking in quietly to do a wee post. I know I have been incrediblay slack blog wise – both posting and reading and commenting. I do apologize to my loyal and loving friends.

Okay health wise I ended up back in hospital for a few nights again. Same old thing lol. I was released again and have been told that I can’t have the op until I remain healthy for a good amount of time – they said something about 3 months. Not quite sure how I do that but  I am trying to be super careful food wise and thinking healthy thoughts that no more stones decide to move. That’s where I am at the moment. I am starting to feel better though – still get very tired though which I hope I get over soon – cos can’t keep having nana naps every day lol.

Sorry I haven’t been around much but so much to catch up on in between hospital stays lol.

Anyway no scrapping done at all butI have done heaps in my art journal and I love it so much. Really enjoying the freedom of doing whatever whenever. Still so much I still want to do in it too. So here are a few pages that I have done.

PIC_0052 by you.

PIC_0024 by you.

PIC_0051 by you.

PIC_0050 by you.

PIC_0026 by you.


PIC_0054 by you.

And there are more on my flickr page if you are really keen to look :-)

I hope to get round to checking out everyones blog lately but I can’t promise anything – too tired to sit in front of the computer for long :-( Oh well hope you are all well and love to you all.

Update #999999 lol

November 1, 2008

Bet you are all sick of reading udates about me lol, so maybe I won’t give you one except to say that they let me out of Auckland hospital last night. Still on the waiting list to have my gall bladder removed. Okay so that is all the update you are getting.

By being in hospital I have found out just how truely blessed and lucky I am. I have so many thank yous to hand out so here goes.

Firstly to the fab girlies that made it in to visit and then managed to find me in the rabbit warren that is Auckland hospital – thank you.

Lynda – responded in super quick time to my sos – I was so glad to see her it was like a little piece of home. She made me feel like everything was going to be alright after all. She came armed with all the essentials for my stay and tons of yummy food – only to find I was nil by mouth lol. Jaymin was so happy to unpack all the treats when I got home lol Thank you so very much, forever grateful, love ya big time.

Trace – also came running when needed. Poor girl – never met me before and I had her out buying me undies lol. She was also loaded up with essentials for me. I couldn’t have scared her too much cos she came back yesterday too and brought her sister and more stuff. Oh my gosh – I am truely thankful to have met you finally – you rock big time, love you heaps.

Debbie – turned up while I was having a snooze and was thinking of not waking me and leaving a note – so bloody glad she didn’t sneak out. Had the most gorgeous bunch of red and purple flowers for me and a lovely wee friendship book. And gave me all the goss and kept me smiling. Thank you – lotsa love chick.

Erica – thank you so much for coming in – armed with all sorts of wonderful crafty mags – believe me they were well read – more than once too I might say lol. I brought some home with me and passed some on to Trace. So fantastic to see you again. Love ya.

And to Janine who has probably been more worried about me than I have lol and who has kept everyone up to date and who kept me feeling happy the night before I left Whangarei – thank so very much. Love you  matey. And we have to catch up big time this week.

And to the people that sent me cards, texts, well wishes, raks, hugs and love – thank you all so very, very much. I love you all. . You gals have kept me sane – if I had not had all you looking out for me in one way or another I would have been a big blubbering mess and Auckland hospital would have really sucked. As it was I only shed tears the day I was told there was a complication and I was staying lol _ I am so extremely blessed to know so many wonderful people and I am forever touched by your kindness.

I’ve escaped….

October 23, 2008

……from the clutches of the Whangarei hospital. I was let out yesterday afternoon and got to sleep in my own bed last night – ahh the bliss! I haven’t been discharged though so I have to return to hospital early tomorrow morning for the doctors ward rounds. And if all is still okay I am allowed out again for the weekend. But I have to go back again on Monday and stay in as I am hopefully getting to Auckland on the Tuesday. It was meant to be today but as it is non urgent it keeps getting put off. So we will see. ButI haven’t been in any more pain since Sunday so that is good. But if I get any twinge of pain while out I have to go straight back. The Auckland op is a telescope down my throat to widen the bile ducts so the stones don’t get stuck and then it is back to waiting to get the gall bladder removed. So that’s the latest. I would like to thank you for all the well wishes via the lovely Janine’s blog – so special and definitely grateful to have so many caring folks in my life. xox

Jaymin is pleased to have me home. Justtaken him up to the doctors though as he had a sore ear last night and yep – he has an ear infection so is now on antibiotics. I’m glad I was able to be here to get that sorted though. He is staying with Mum and is fine but as she doesn’t drive some things are a problem. But all sorted.

Anyway that is just the latest.

Sorry I still haven’t got to check out most peoples blogs – there was 609 posts on my bloglines so think I may have to flag reading all those lol. Just know thatI am thinking about you all and am so lucky to know such fantastic gals.

Take care peoples and see you when I’m back again lol


October 17, 2008

Hello is there anyone still out there? I would quite understand if there wasn’t as it has been a while since I updated. I do hope my lovely loyal friends are still out there and lurking about in the hope that I might just update one day – well my friends – this is your lucky day!!!! Okay rambling over – on with the blogging.

We survived the school holidays. Had a cool time doing not much. Just the usual holiday things – pools, movies, friends. Nice to just chill out and relax. Back into it again this week and so far so good – apart from Jaymin having to do a speech which had him freaking out a bit. He had to pick a topic put of a hat and do a speech on the spot so I can quite understand where he was coming from. He said he picked out the word ‘food’ so he did okay talking about how people like it and some people don’t lol.

We also saw the child psychologist at the begiining of the week and she was cool. Jaymin is now on the waiting list to get an assessment so things are still progressing which is good.

No news on me though – still waiting on the op date. I have had one more painful night but it was okay. I worked thru it myself and didn’t go to hospital.

Caught up with Janine this morning and had a cool wander round the shops with me being enabled by her – don’t let her tell you otherwise hehe. Got freaked out completely in the book shop by a toy puppy or was it a cat. They are so realistic looking and the damn things breathe – which I hadn’t noticed until I went to pat it and it moved – argh – had me screaming and whacking Janine – all very funny after though.

Haven’t done any scrapping lately. ButI have been doing some cool stuff in my art journal. This is a newly started journal. I am terrible at starting them and then I stop cos I feel like they have to be something – ya know like each page must have a reason and it must be perfect and all sorts of crazy thinking. Anyway after a few pages I find I can’t keep that up and so it gets abandoned. But not this time – this time I have started off exactly where I want to go – (sorry that didn’t make much sense lol) What I mean is right at the start I have decided that there is no theme, no reason, no patterns, no rules, no boundries, no perfection and it is my journal and I will damn well do whatever I like whenever and however I like – phew! And I love it – I love the playing, the mess, the just because of it all – I am addicted, it’s all the creating I want to do right now. So I will share a few pages with ya just cos I feel like showing that I have been doing something.

AJ 1 by you.AJ 2 by you.AJ 3 by you.AJ 5 by you.AJ 6 by you.AJ 8 by you.AJ 7 by you.

So if you have made it this far thank you so much for visiting. Hoping to get round to catching up with you all over the next few days too.

Take care


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